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Apps Design Company ($150.00 $68.00)
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A direct easy to remember descriptive domain name for an app development enterprise. This works well for iOS or Android app development, or both. The .co TLD is widely used, especially in technology companies. The domain name is already registered until the end of November, 2018.

Flexi Design architecture ($250.00 $195.00)
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An ideal name for a design company that is nimble and flexible. It could also be applied more literally for those who work in designing spaces with flexible arrangements. Already registered until end of November, 2018, and renews at standard .design rates. With a GoValue estimated worth of more than $1600 (if the information is important check for current estimates), we are offering this domain name at a great price.

frugal Design simplicity ($125.00)
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This short, dramatic domain name suits a design business or training agency that wants to stress the efficient use of sustainable resources. Do you believe in the power of simple, efficient design? Registered until late November, 2018, and renews at standard .design rates. The Estibot and GoValue estimates of worth of this domain name are both about $360 (confirm current values if important to you).

qubit Design quantum computing ($175.00)
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A qubit (contraction of quantum bit) is a quantum computing term, analogous to the bit in conventional computing. This domain name would be ideal for a tech startup in the field of quantum computing or quantum communication. Registered until late November, 2018, and renews at standard .design rates.

Simpler stick family figures ($125.00)
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With one common word and the global domain name extension this is an easily remembered and spelled name. Stress the virtue of simplicity. whether in technology, family activities or design, with this domain name! Registered until the end of December 2018, and renews at reasonable standard .gdn rates. The GoValue estimated worth is more than $600 (check current valuations if the information is important to you). Only available for push to new owner account at Alpnames until end of February.

technology simple design ($110.00 $88.00)
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A simple, descriptive name to emphasize tech that is simpler to use. Is a great name for a website, or when combined with subdomains can be a great domain phrase (e.g. or or precede with the name of your company). It also could be used in educational/training settings, such as This is an excellent domain name offered at a reasonable price. It is registered until Aug. 19, 2018.

snowflake ($225.00 $150.00)
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What better way to brand your design company than after a snowflake? This memorable domain name can be flexibly used in many contexts. For example, you might want to stress that each person is unique, just like each snowflake. Or perhaps you are a design professional and want to stress analogies between your work and the beauty of snowflakes. The name works for winter vacation sites, or literally for a photography or science site about snowflakes. The Estibot and GoValue worth estimates are both high ($600, $1000) compared to our asking price (potential purchasers should check these to obtain the most recent valuations). The name snowflake has sold at high prices in multiple domains (e.g. $17,250 in .de; $15,500 in; $8,500 in .fr). The domain name is currently registered until Jan. 20, 2019, and renews at standard .site prices. The .site TLD is among the 10 most popular of the new gTLD, so has more public recognition than most. The domain can be purchased instantly on the Namecheap Marketplace (sales at other venues only available as a Namecheap push until March 20).

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