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Students Diversity ($179.00 USD)
The persistent lack of diversity in many areas of science and technology continues to be a problem. This descriptive domain phrase is ideal for a company or organization that works on this issue. It could be used either as a permanent website domain name, or as part of a campaign domain expression. For example, it could be employed (with appropriate DNS or subdomains) as or or many other expressions. We offer this for
rent at any of our periods, or if you are the first to contact us it can be purchased outright. If purchasing, this domain phrase has already been renewed until Jan. 15, 2023. Why not put this great domain expression to work for you now?

learners win student ($99.00 USD)
By preceding this with the name of your educational institution you have a perfect expression for a campaign that stresses the success of your students. Alternatively the first term emphasize some aspect of your educational approach, such as or So why not
rent or own it now? If purchasing, the domain is currently registered until June 28, 2018, but Namecheap have an incredible deal on 5 year extensions for the .win domain so you could right after purchase renew it for 5 more years at just $6.48 (check your Namecheap account at login to make sure the promotion is still on). This is a great expression offered at a reasonable price.

PBL science student lab ($39.00 $24.00 USD)
Problem Based Learning (pbl) has been shown to be effective from elementary school through medical school. This would be an excellent domain name for a site devoted to PBL in science, either as a sharing and reference site, or for a book, workshop, learning centre, etc. PBL works, so can this domain name! The site is registered until summer 2018, and right now there is a .science TLD promotion at Namecheap so the new owner could add another 5 years for just $6.48 (check that the promotion is still active when you read this by logging into your Namecheap account).

Child Doing Science ($25.00 USD)
This short direct expression is perfect for a science museum, outreach program, science show, science book or app, etc. Right now Namecheap have a great deal on 5 year renewals, so after purchase you could extend the period you own it by 5 more years for less than $7!

books textbooks ($49.00 $25.00 USD)
University and college textbooks are big business, and as well as new sales there are varius options for used book sales. This domain name would be ideal for a site that provided auctions on textbooks, and then an interchange service. The domain name is currently registered until Aug. 19, 2018, and in addition right now Namecheap have a great deal on 5 year .bid domain extensions, so the new owner could add 5 more years for just $6.48 (log in to your Namecheap account to confirm if the deal is still being offered). Why not get this descriptive domain name, either to develop yourself or hold in a domain portfolio for resale?

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