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Carbon Capture Storage Review
CarbonCS.review ($39.00 $25.00)
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Carbon Capture and Storage (CarbonCS) offers technological promise for making a significant contribution to climate change mitigation by removing existing carbon from the atmosphere and safely storing or recycling it. This would be an ideal domain name for an industry publication or review site. It is currently registered until July 2018, and renews at standard .review TLD rates. We offer it at a very inexpensive price..

Climate Change Website sunset
ClimateChange.website ($115.00 $49.00)
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Wow, the possibility to inexpensively purchase the most descriptive possible name for a website devoted to climate change! Ideal for an informative reference site, the home of an environmental organization, a journal home, an industry association on climate change mitigation, etc. It is currently registered until late November 2018, and renews at standard .website rates. The GoValue estimate of worth is $782 for this domain name (check for current value if the information is important to you).

frugal Design simplicity
frugal.design ($125.00)
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This short, dramatic domain name suits a design business or training agency that wants to stress the efficient use of sustainable resources. Do you believe in the power of simple, efficient design? Registered until late November, 2018, and renews at standard .design rates. The Estibot and GoValue estimates of worth of this domain name are both about $360 (confirm current values if important to you).

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