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A selection of our favourite domain names currently available for sale.

CRISPR.science ($495.00 USD)
CRISPR was declared the
science breakthrough story of 2015 by the highly respected Science magazine, and has been declared the biotechnology advance of the century. By making it possible to precisely edit and repair genetic defects, CRISPR has application in many medical conditions and diseases, as well as opportunities for new avenues in medical research. It also is expected to find wide application in crop science. This is an opportunity to be THE organization to own CRISPR in the science top level domain (TLD)! Through subdomains you could also have websites such as medical.CRISPR.science, in addition to www.CRISPR.science. The domain name has been registered through May 20, 2023 so with the purchase you will not need to renew for many years. We also have available for sale CRISPR.trade if that is a better fit for your intended use, as well as medicalCRISPR.science. See the biotechnology section of our catalog for additional choices.

Students Diversity
diversify.science ($179.00 USD)
The persistent lack of diversity in many areas of science and technology continues to be a problem. This descriptive domain phrase is ideal for a company or organization that works on this issue. It could be used either as a permanent website domain name, or as part of a campaign domain expression. For example, it could be employed (with appropriate DNS or subdomains) as we.diversify.science or help.diversify.science or many other expressions. We offer this for
rent at any of our periods, or if you are the first to contact us it can be purchased outright. If purchasing, this domain phrase has already been renewed until Jan. 15, 2023. Why not put this great domain expression to work for you now?

Stock Ticker Dividend Investments
dividend.site ($475.00 USD)
Simple, direct domain name for an investment site that concentrates on dividend equities, ETFs or mutual funds. This is an opportunity to get a domain name with just two common search words 'dividend' and 'site'. According to Estibot the term dividend has more than a million broad match searches monthly with a CPC average of $1.55. The current Estibot.com valuation on this domain name 'dividend.site' is $2000.00 and we are offering it at less than one-quarter that valuation.

ECG medical biotechnology
ECG.science ($39.00 $24.00 USD)
Short direct domain name for one of the best established medical techniques. This would work well for a health clinic, an ECG scientific supply company, or a reference site devoted to information on ECG. The domain name is renewed well into 2018, and right now Namecheap have a great promotion so that the new owner could add 5 more years for just $6.48 (check that the promotion is still on by logging into your Namecheap account).

edits.life ($149.00 USD)
This short descriptive domain name is well suited for web searches and easily spelled and remembered. It can be used by a new owner in each of several distinct ways. It could be used by a biotech startup that does research and development with techniques such as CRISPR. Alternatively it could be used in a clinical CRISPR setting for medical genetic applications when the techniques are approved. It would be a superb name for a reference site providing information on CRISPR-Cas9 technologies and research news. The name would also work well with a subdomain and the name of a company in an advertising phrase i.e. Xeno.edits.life. In a completely different application, it could refer to the career of editing, and be a good name for a website by someone who does substantive or copy editing, or who teach workshops on editing as a career. Or, the domain is well suited to the fields of music or video editing. The domain is registered until late August of 2018. Why not pick this up for direct use, or to hold in a domain portfolio?

enables science lab
enables.science ($149.00 USD)
Precede with the name of your company or organization, e.g. Xacti.drives.science and you have a superb main web address or a campaign slogan that is direct, descriptive and positive. This would work well for science equipment or supply companies, scientific software, scientific publishers, etc. It is registered until June 29, 2022! Why not make this useful domain expression yours today?

enhances life meaning sun trees
enhances.life ($129.00 USD)
We were delighted to be able to acquire this domain recently. It has so many phrase possibilities! Just to list a few: art.enhances.life; music.enhances.life; nature.enhances.life; volunteerism.enhances.life; community.enhances.life; giving.enhances.life, etc. The possibilities are truly endless for this phrase!

global ETF growth graph
ETFs.review ($99.00)
The dominant growth trend in the world of investing this decade is in Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). Over past decade the funds invested in ETFs have grown about six fold (icon image is actual growth rate from 2003 to 2016). This is your chance to get a short, direct ETF name. It could be effectively used for a reference site that covers the ETF industry, by a financial columnist or publication, or by as part of a marketing campaign by a fund firm, perhaps with a preceding subdomain name such as smart.ETFs.review or global.ETFs.review. The domain name is registered through Aug. 20, 2018, and right now right now there is a great 5 year renew rate at Namecheap for the .review TLD so the new owner could extend the registration by 5 more years for just $6.48 (log in to your Namecheap account to check that the deal is still on). Check out how much other ETF domain names are being offered at to see that this is a great deal.

family icon fairer loan
fairer.loan ($39.00)
This is a superb name to promote that your company offers loans at fair rates! We have it registered into 2018, and be right now Namecheap have a great promotion so it could be renewed by new owner at Namecheap for an additional 5 more years for $6.48, so you could own this domain name for almost 6 years for an average cost of about $6 per year! (check that the promotion is still on by signing in to your Namecheap account and it should show up at the top of your first page)

genedit.science ($49.00 USD) With the rapid developments in CRISPR, the range of applications and use of genetic technologies is growing exponentially. This domain name is short and pronounceable. It alternatively has IT related file editing potential applications.

graphing.science ($39.00 USD) Does your business create or sell software for data analysis? This domain name using the new gTLD .science could be a good fit..Almost a full year of registration, and at the current time could be renewed for 5 years at Namecheap at a very reasonable rate.

football Grey Cup
GreyCup.party ($39.00 USD) The Grey Cup is Canada's national professional football championship. What better way to promote a Grey Cup party than with this domain name!

Imagines Science Fiction Creative
imagines.science ($129.00 USD)
This would be an ideal phrase for a course, book, publisher, film company, author, etc. that works in science fiction. Be imaginative and make this one yours! It is registered now until July 17, 2018, and also right now Namecheap have an incredible deal on 5 year extensions for the .science TLD so you could right after purchase renew it for 5 more years at just $6.48 (check your Namecheap account at login to make sure the promotion is still on). This is a great expression offered at a reasonable price.

iPad Apps
iOS11.review ($49.00 $10.00 USD)
Apple is about to release a significant new update to its operating system for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, iOS11. Among other changes, it improves multitasking abilities and introduces a file system that integrates multiple device and cloud sources. This is a chance to have a short descriptive domain name for a website devoted to reviews, information and tips about this update. The domain name is registered for almost a full year, and right now Namecheap have a great 5 year renew price on the .review TLD so the new owner could add 5 more years for about $6.50 total.

IoThings.review ($129.99 $99.00 USD)
The Internet of Things is rapidly becoming the big thing in technology, with devices everywhere linked. Here is an inexpensive appropriate domain name for an industry review publication, registered for almost 5 full years.

learners win student
learners.win ($99.00 USD)
By preceding this with the name of your educational institution you have a perfect expression for a campaign that stresses the success of your students. Alternatively the first term emphasize some aspect of your educational approach, such as outdoor.learners.win or active.learners.win. So why not
rent or own it now? If purchasing, the domain is currently registered until June 28, 2018, but Namecheap have an incredible deal on 5 year extensions for the .win domain so you could right after purchase renew it for 5 more years at just $6.48 (check your Namecheap account at login to make sure the promotion is still on). This is a great expression offered at a reasonable price.

medit.life ($99.00 USD) This short, pronounceable, desired domain name has several potential applications. If it is interpreted as shorthand for medical edit, it would be appropriate for medical applications of genetic technologies such as CRISPR. Alternatively, if interpreted as med and IT it could refer to medical information technology software or services. Finally, it might be used to reference meditation life.

Financial Wedding Urban Business Planners
planners.top ($50.00 $39.00 USD)
This is a flexible short domain name with a positive connotation. As well as direct use, through subdomains this can become various things, such as financial.planners.top or wedding.planners.top or urban.planners.top. This flexible domain name is offered at a very reasonable price, with renewal costs for .top also reasonable. This extension is one of the highest selling new gTLDs.

qCom.science ($49.00 $39.00 USD)
Quantum communications and quantum computing are among the most important emerging technologies, and this short descriptive domain name would be ideal for either. Good start-up naming possibilities.

fun kayak redefine
redefine.fun ($129.00)
Positive psychology research has established that fun is more important than just fun. People of all ages who are happy are also more creative and productive. Does your business or organization promote meaningful fun in new and creative ways? This would be an ideal domain name, either for your main website or as a domain phrase for a marketing campaign. Using subdomains and DNS settings you can readily use it with various first words, such as we.redefine.fun. Note that we also have the expression rediscover.fun available for sale, in case that is a better fit for you.

Rediscover Fun Sliding Snow
rediscover.fun ($139.00 USD)
A great domain name for a campaign slogan, or to use directly for your website. It could flexibly be used for a number of types of activities including sports, clubs, fitness centres, excursions, attractions, etc. It is currently registered until Aug. 15, 2018. Why not purchase this and put it to your creative use right away, or add it to your domain name portfolio for later use or resell? Note that we also own redefine.fun, in case that fits your needs better. It is currently available
for rent or for sale.

Space Risk Impact
risky.space ($69.00 $49.00 USD) This domain name is easy to remember (and spell) and packs a lot of punch. There are many risks to space operations, including strikes by natural meteoroids or space debris, ultraviolet exposure, etc. The name would be well suited to reference site that deals with those hazards, or a business or consultant that works in the space risk area. Alternatively, the domain name could be used with space in a more generic way. Why not make this domain name yours?

technology simple design
simpler.tech ($99.00 USD) A simple, descriptive name to emphasize tech that is simpler to use. Is a great name for a website, or when combined with subdomains can be a great domain phrase (e.g. our.simpler.tech or better.simpler.tech or precede with the name of your company). It also could be used in educational/training settings, such as design.simpler.tech. This is an excellent domain name offered at a reasonable price. It is registered until Aug. 19, 2018.

simulate.science ($249.00 USD) This is a quality one word domain that should go fast. So much of modern science and technology is based on simulation. A single word .science describing one of the most important parts of scientific research and education! As well as a great website www.simulate.science it works well in domain phrases like we.simulate.science through subdomains. It is available for either rental or purchase at the current time. If purchasing, it has already been registered for almost 6 years! This is a rare opportunity to get a superbly descriptive domain name. It has already been registered until July 24, 2023, so many years without renewal fees.

Smart Energy Environmental Tree
SmartEnergy.design ($19.99 $5.00 USD)
If you operate in the alternative or energy efficient home design space, or in eco-friendly product design or marketing, this domain name is a perfect match. We have now offered it at a very inexpensive purchase price.

smart funds investment
SmartFunds.top ($15.00 USD)
Ideal for an investment company or advisor. Whether it is mutual funds or exchange traded funds, this simple to remember domain name suggested top performance. It would be ideally suited to a company that promotes smart beta approaches.

symphony.science ($39.00 $25.00 USD) An easy to remember single word that would be ideal for a start-up business. Alternatively, this could be used for a site that emphasized the need for various elements to work together for science to progress (like instruments in an orchestra), or one on the science of various instruments. It is currently registered into summer 2018, and right now the new owner could extend registration for 5 more years at Namecheap for $6.48 (log in to your account to make sure the promotion is still active).

sports Canada team win
teamCanada.win ($49.00 USD)
Want to build a brand around the success of Canada's teams, or around some other competitive activity. No domain name could be more direct than this one! Right now Namecheap have a great promotion that would allow the new owner to add 5 more years to the registration period for just $6.48 (log in to your Namecheap account to make sure that this .win offer is still valid).

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