Domain Names That Celebrate Fun!

Fun is seriously important, so we have an entire section on domain names that recognize and support fun. Why not make one yours, and use it to celebrate your commitment to fun? Almost all of these work well in domain name phrases.

happy face blackboard advantage happiness ($499.00 $295.00)
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Positive psychology research supports the idea that individuals who are happy have enhanced productivity and creativity. Being happy results in an advantage, as this domain name suggests. The domain name suits trainers, consultants, psychologists or other professionals or organizations that work in the positive psychology space.

Augmented reality bicycle goggles ($110.00 $19.00)
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With the interest in AR (augmented reality), why not pick up this short, descriptive domain name? The name is versatile, catchy and memorable. It also would work perfectly in domain name expressions like that would allow use even beyond AR. Renews at standard .fun rates, and already registered until November 12 2018.

debut fun air balloon ($128.00)
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This short, memorable domain name would be ideal for promoting a fun-filled special event, travel destination, game, activity, etc. Both Estibot ($550) and GoDaddy GoValue ($828) estimates of worth are substantial for this domain name - check for current values if the information is important to your purchase decision. The domain name is already registered until Feb 7, 2019, and it renews at standard .fun rates. The .fun top level domain is one of the fastest growing of the new gTLDs.

snowman fun funner ca ($195.00 $175.00)
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Canadians like to have meaningful fun, and this domain name says so! Why not use the domain name to promote recreation, travel, entertainment, or whatever can be regarded fun. The GoValue estimated worth on this domain name is over $1800, but we are more than happy to sell it to you for much less than that! The domain is currently registered until the last day of 2018, and renews at standard .ca rates. Only available for push to new owner account at Web Hosting Canada until late February, and regulations require a Canadian presence for new owner. Come to Canada, it's funner here!

gotchaMarxTOP ($128.00)
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We hope you have a good idea of how to effectively use this fun domain name. Want to collect the best gags or fake news stories on the internet? The word gotcha is searched a surprising amount on the web, so this name provides an opportunity for a high traffic website. We are offering the domain name at much less than third party estimates of worth (Estibot $950, GoValue $1111 - check current estimates if this information is important to you). The domain name is already registered until Jan. 22, 2019, and renews at reasonable standard .top rates.

Great Fun Smiley ($175 $18.00)
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This short domain name is easy to remember and spell. The name is also very versatile, and could be used for special event, sports, recreation, game, virtual reality, arts, educational, etc. applications. It also would work well as a reference site for fun events in a region. With subdomains it could be used in parallel for various locations, for example We offer this at less than the Estibot valuation of $250 (potential purchasers should check for the most recent valuation if the information is important). It is registered until late October 2018, and renews at standard .site rates.

fun kayak redefine ($129.00)
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Positive psychology research has established that being happy is key to a more productive and creative person, and therefore having fun is important. Does your business or organization promote meaningful fun in new and creative ways? This would be an ideal domain name, either for your main website or as a domain phrase for a marketing campaign. Using subdomains or DNS settings you can readily use it with various first words, such as The GoValue estimate of the worth of this domain name is over $1300!

Rediscover Fun Sliding Snow ($139.00)
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A great domain name for a campaign slogan, or to use directly for your website. It could flexibly be used for a number of types of activities including sports, clubs, fitness centres, excursions, attractions, etc. It is currently registered until Aug. 15, 2018. Why not purchase this and put it to your creative use right away, or add it to your domain name portfolio for later use or resell? Note that we also own, in case that fits your needs better. It is currently available for rent or for sale.

rewarding_fun ($125.00 $88.00)
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This memorable domain name with the .fun extension works well for a rewards program in the travel and entertainment industries, but it also works ideally in stressing activities that are rewarding in a way that goes beyond entertainment. The domain is currently registered until the end of November, 2018, and renews at standard .fun rates.

smileys ($100.00)
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This flexible domain name is catchy and easy to remember. It works as a main website URL or for a marketing campaign domain name phrase such as This is a flexible domain name that could be used for community activities, clubs, special events, sports, travel and more. It is egistered until October 22, 2018, and renewal is at standard .fun TLD rates.

simpli fun stick drawing family house smiles ($225.00)
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A fun spelling of simply in this domain name perfectly suited to recreation, travel, entertainment, events, gaming, etc. applications. Why not use this for your main domain name, or in a marketing campaign? The buy it now price is much less than the GoValue estimate of more than $1700 (potential purchasers should check these to obtain the most recent valuations)! This word has sold for good value in other extensions, including simpli(.)city which sold for $10,000. The domain name is registered until Jan 2, 2019, and it renews at standard .fun rates. The domain name is only available for push to your Namecheap account prior to early March when general transfer is allowed.

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