Domain Names for Makerspaces

Makerspaces are transforming our communities, leaving a huge positive impact on young and old! Why not pick up a domain name for supporting these vibrant communities?

Innovation ($159.00)
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Makers are first and foremost innovators. This domain phrase can be used by businesses or organizations to stress advantages from their innovation agenda. By adding first words, various domain expressions are possible, for example or or It is also ideal as a permanent website name for an organization devoted to promoting innovation. The phrase is offered for rent at any of our standard terms, or it is currently available for purchase if you want to control it long term. If purchasing, the domain name is already registered until June 28, 2023 so will not need to be renewed for a long time.

makerspaces cloud ($195.00 $110.00)
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All over the world makerspace communities are active and expanding. Whether it is electronics, 3D printing, robotics, crafts, machine shops, etc. the idea of learning by making is powerful. This domain name would be ideal for cloud based resources to support and enhance makerspace communities. We offer it at a reasonable price. Why not put it to good use? The GoDaddy GoValue estimate of worth of the domain is about $550 ((potential purchasers should check to obtain most recent valuation if data is important to them).

makerspaces store crafts ($175.00 $88.00)
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As makerspaces spring up in communities from coast to coast, there is potential for supplying materials, equipment and manuals. Why not put this descriptive domain to great use? The GoDaddy GoValue estimate of worth of the domain is $251 (potential purchasers should check for any change if this information is important). The domain name is already registered until late November, 2018, and renews at standard .store rates.

makerspaces top crafts ($229.00 $98.00)
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Opportunity to get the makerspaces domain with the popular .top extension. Could be used to promote makerspaces, guide on developing a makerspace, or other related reference uses. This domain name is offered below its GoValue estimated worth of about $300 (check current valuations if the information is important to you). The domain name is already registered until Dec 20, 2018, and renews at standard reasonable .top rates. Only available as push to the new owner's Alpnames account until late February.

Rediscover Fun Sliding Snow ($139.00)
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Making is fun - why not rediscover the joy of making? A great domain name for a campaign slogan like It is currently registered until Aug. 15, 2018. Why not purchase this and put it to your creative use right away, or add it to your domain name portfolio for later use or resell?

robotics icon ($175.00)
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Incredible opportunity to get this popular, modern single word domain with the global domain name TLD extension at a very reasonable price! The domain name is offered well below Estibot and GoValue worth estimates that are consistent at about $1400 (potential purchasers should check these to obtain the most recent valuations). The domain name is currently registered until early January of 2019. Only available for push to new owner account at Alpnames until late February due to ICANN transfer rules.

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