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Meteor ($25.00)
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Meteoroid streams in interplanetary space lead to meteor showers on earth. This is a chance to inexpensively own a direct domain name that could be used for scientific, reference or educational purposes. It can also be effectively used with subdomains, e.g. Already registered until July, 2018 and renews at standard .stream rates.

nudges space ($99.00 $18.00)
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TThe 2017 Nobel Prize in Economics was awarded for nudge theory. Through small nudges positive choices are encouraged. Nudge theory has implications for financial planning, public policy and many other areas. The domain name could also be interpreted literally by a space industry company that operates in near Earth orbital space. We have just reduced the price and now offer the domain name at much less than the Estibot valuation of $120 (if valuation important. potential purchasers should check the most recent values). The domain name is registered until October, 2018 and renews at the very reasonable standard .space TLD rate.

PicoSat ($29.00 $20.00)
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The future in space is largely in small satellites, with exponential growth in launches expected. This is your chance to get a short descriptive domain name for the industry. It is currently registered until June 18, 2018 and you can renew it at standard .science rates.

planetary gdn space sun earth ($128.00)
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A descriptive domain name for a reference site, consultant or analysis group that deals with global issues or provides information planets or exoplanets. The extension .gdn (global domain name) sets no limits on who can use it or geographical location. Third party estimates of worth for the domain name are Estibot ($870) and GoDaddy GoValue ($2802) - check for any changes if this information is important to your purchase decision. The domain name is currently registered until Jan 29, 2019, and it renews at standard .gdn rates. We look forward to someone putting this memorable domain name to good use!

asteroid prospecting space minining ($99.00)
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The idea of obtaining valuable resources from the moon or near earth asteroids is becoming increasingly feasible. This domain name is ideal for a space startup, consulting firm or reference website that operates in this space. It is registered until October 2018, and renews at standard inexpensive .space TLD rates. Why not make this descriptive one word domain name yours today?

Space Risk Impact ($150.00)
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TThis domain name is easy to remember (and spell) and packs a lot of punch. There are many risks to space operations, including strikes by natural meteoroids or space debris, ultraviolet exposure, etc. The name would be well suited to a reference site that deals with those hazards, or a business or consultant that works in the space risk area. Alternatively, the domain name could be used with space in a more generic way - e.g. workplace hazards consulting. Why not make this catchy domain name yours? The Estibot valuation on this domain name is $830 (the GoValue estimate is $175)(confirm current values if the information is important to you). The .net version of the name is currently for sale at about $5000. The domain is already registered until Aug 29, 2018, and the .space TLD is one of the most economical to renew.

SimulateScience ($249.00)
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This is a quality one word domain that should go fast. So much of modern science and technology is based on simulation. A single word .science describing one of the most important parts of scientific research and education! As well as a great website it works well in domain phrases like through subdomains. It is available for either rental or purchase at the current time. If purchasing, it has already been registered for almost 6 years! This is a rare opportunity to get a superb descriptive domain name. It has already been registered until July 24, 2023, so many years without renewal fees.

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