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We have placed a number of our domain names on They offer a very attractive option with integrated escrow for handling your payment (you can use credit cards, PayPal and Bitcoin, among other options) and the transfer of the domain name. If that service is available for the domain name there will be a link with the domain name. We still offer some names through the Namecheap Marketplace, and almost all domains on our Efty Marketplace. We offer the domain names at the same price no matter which market you choose. Also, you can fill out our form to make a direct offer on any of our domain names. We aim to make it as smooth as possible for you to purchase one of our domains.

Efty Marketplace Added

We have now placed almost all of our domain names for sale on Efty. You may have noticed the new button on our home page which will take you to our Efty Marketplace at You can search by keyword or extension for domain names, or scroll through the complete list. Also, for most of the domain names simply entering the domain name in a web browser will take you to the Efty landing page for that domain name (e.g. will go to the listing for dividend domain name). On the Efty Marketplace for almost all of the domain names will be a Paypal linked Buy-It-Now button. If you select this option as long as another purchaser has not just before purchased it in parallel, the domain name will be yours. If the domain name is less than 60 days old (or since transfer) then the name will be pushed to your Namecheap account (it’s free to set up an account at Namecheap). If it is older than that, you can have a transfer with authorization code to the domain registrar of your choice. On the Efty Marketplace there is also an option to make an offer (subject to the minimum value shown). This sends us an email with your offer, but does not guarantee that the domain name will be yours. We will consider all offers considered though, and urge you to use this feature if you want a domain name but feel our set price is too high. We continue to offer almost all of our domain names on the Namecheap Marketplace, and have added a link on our home page that takes you right to a listing of names currently available there. In most cases we recommend purchasing done there, since the process of taking your payment and transfer of the domain name is all done automatically by Namecheap, and if it allows you to purchase you are guaranteed to get the domain name. Since it is a transfer of ownership at the same registrar, the 60 day ICANN rule does not apply. A few of our domain names are not listed since they are registered with other companies. We hope you will like the new options that we have made available to you!

White paper estimates the global domain name needs (released July 31, 2017).

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white paper estimates global domain name needs

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Last updated Oct. 16, 2017.