Recent Sales:

Domain you were watching no longer in our list? These are domain names we have recently sold. For privacy of new owners we only show part of each domain name, and do not publicly disclose price. By showing this much you can see if a domain you were watching has been sold.

  • G***** (Jan 2018) SOLD
  • C**.science (Jan 2018) SOLD
  • S********* (Oct 2017) SOLD
  • S******** (Oct 2017) SOLD
  • R****** (Oct 2017) SOLD
  • T***** (Sep 2017) SOLD
  • S******** (Sep 2017) SOLD
  • G******* (Sep 2017) SOLD
  • F*** (Sep 2017) SOLD
  • Vi******** (Aug 2017) SOLD
  • C******* (Aug 2017) SOLD
  • B****** (Aug 2017) SOLD
  • T******** (Aug 2017) SOLD
  • B********** (July 2017) SOLD
  • I**** (July 2017) SOLD
  • C******** (July 2017) SOLD
  • G********** (July 2017) SOLD
  • M********* (June 2017) SOLD


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