Pricing Rent an Expression (RaE)

Period Standard Exclusive
3 months $19 USD $39 USD
6 months $29 USD $59 USD
1 year $49 USD $99 USD
2 years $79 USD $159 USD
3 years $109 USD $219 USD

Prices effective July, 2017. After a 7 day testing period the cost of the expression rental is invoiced (unless you cancel it during the trial period, in which case there is no obligation), with 30 days net terms.

Standard means that you are renting a three word expression, with you setting the first word. For example where zzz is the name of your company. We won't rent the expression to a competitor company during the course of your rental (plus 2 months), but we may rent to an organization that does not directly compete with you.

Exclusive means that you are renting exclusive use of the two word expression, which we will not rent to anyone else for the course of the rental (plus 2 months after expiry). For example if you rent no one else will have access to For the cost of your exclusive rental as well as a link from the two word expression we will set up links for up to two other included words. For example, you could have; and all point to your specified web locations for the rental period.
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