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On this page we look at .best as a domain extension, including highlighting some of our holdings (as well as those of other domain investors) and providing basic information on registration statistics, real world use, and some representative operating sites.

Our .BEST Holdings

Here are some of the .BEST domains currently in our portfolio. Just click on the icon to go to a listing that provides more background information on the domain name. That will also take you to a third party site where you can make an offer or purchase should you wish.
You can see all of our domain offerings
in the full list here, and that includes a number of other .best TLD domain names. Here are some we particularly like:
Note those without links we do not have formally listed for sale on a marketplace, but you can always make us an offer via this form.

History of Best

The .best extension has been around for a few years, but went under new ownership last year. The new owners have a background in social networks and peer review, and are branding the extension for “best of” type sites.

The word best is heavily used and searched on the internet (over 14 billion search results on the term). Also, it appears that the thematic approach Google use in search effectively include results whether the semantics is the normal one or reversed.

Best as a Domain Phrase

As with any extension, you are not limited to any particular category of use, however. We find that .best works particularly well as part of a domain name phrase, and many of our .best domain names were selected with that in mind. For example we have the domain name that we could be used in three word domain phrases such as, or the domain name could be in three word domain phrases such as! But many of our .best domain names are perfect as is for two word domain name phrases. Think of the marketing opportunities for phrases such as,, or Since best can be used as a noun, adjective, adverb or verb, many expressions are possible and semantically correct.

Other Points

has been argued that one advantage of .best is that by using it as an extension you are indirectly indicating “best of” without explicitly saying that.

Currently .best has just over 100,000 registrations (
source), the majority of which have come in the past year and a half. There are registrations in about 90 different countries, with France and United States currently accounting for more than 75% of the total (NameStat data).

In terms of actual world use, it is still early days for .best, but it has 17 sites in the Alexa 1M listing, about 1 per 850 registrations, better than many new gTLDs (
NameStat data source).

There is good registrar coverage of the extension with at least 59 different registrars handling registrations, transfers and renewals of .best (
NameStat data source). The four registrars OVH, Dynadot, Namecheap and GoDaddy account for about 70% of the registrations currently.

The aftermarket sales are very light so far in the extension. It can be sold on all of the major marketplaces including
Afternic, Sedo and DAN.

Automated valuations in the extension are available from
Estibot and GoDaddy GoValue.

For almost any domain extension you can find the best current rates for registration, transfer and renewal at TLD-list. Here is a
link for the data for .best. The registry co-CEO has announced on NamePros that wholesale renewal costs will be reduced effective Aug 5, 2019 to about $16, translating into retail renewal costs of $18 to $22 per year. Note that some .best domain names registered well in the past still carry $70 per year premium renewal, so make sure which a name is if you are purchasing on the aftermarket. All names we have in our portfolio are standard modern .best renewals.

Website Examples

Some websites up and running on .best include the following:
Note I am not endorsing any of the above, nor have I carefully checked them out. I simply wanted to provide a few sites demonstrating the different ways that .best domain extensions can be and are being used.


The .BEST registry site is at You can search for names at a variety of registrars using the pull down menu, or watch the registry promotional videos. Also the site provides a WhoIs for .best domain names, and a few of the recently sold premium .best domains sold.

The.BEST social network, and associate apps, provides a platform for reviewing products and services, and similar content. It can be considered in some senses a crowd sourced influencer network, with a monetization component.

One domain investor with
a significant .best portfolio is David at WebTrading. He has recently reduced his portfolio, but still holds several premium .best domain names.

If you would like to have your own .best portfolio included in this section of my site,
let me know. I am only interested in listing portfolio links for those with at least 5 high quality .best domain names.

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