Astronomy and Space Domain Names

Also see the abbreviations, environmental, science and technology sections for additional domain names relevant to the space science and astronomy fields. Note that spaces in senses other than space science astronomy are now in the spaces section.

debutSPACE ($298)
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Debut is a short bilingual word with a memorable, positive impression. With the space extension this would be an ideal domain name for a site that promoted new releases in the world of entertainment, books, music, or many other areas. It would also be ideal for a reference site on the latest space accomplishments, or as a name for a space sector business or consultancy. It is offered at a price below the Estibot valuation of $610 and the GoDaddy GoValue similar worth estimate. In 2018 the .ca extension of the word debut sold for $2999. The domain name is already registered until June 8, 2020 (at Gandi; that period transfers with the domain name to the new owner). After that it renews at standard .space rates. Note we also have the domain name DebutSpace in the .com extension, should you want to own the pair of names to cover both new and legacy options.

Debut Space COM ($348)
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This memorable word would be perfect for a site that involved debut of performances, books, games, etc., or for a reference site devoted to new developments in the world of space science. We also have available the domain name debut in the .space extension, should you wish to purchase both possibilities. The GoDaddy GoValue estimate of worth is $1220 for this domain name. Domain names (.com extension) ending with the word ‘space’ have sold 43 times in 2018 according to NameBio records, with an average sales price of $4960. Some possible comparator domain sales include for $6000, at $1488, for $1000, and for $688.

launchoCO ($448)
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We launch many types of things: businesses, careers, products, performances, etc. This brandable domain name is pronounceable either with or without the .co extension (i.e. launcho or launchoco). The .co has been a well respected general use country code extension for a number of years and a number of startups are turning to it as an alternative to .com. This registry site provides some examples of startup use from around the world. Why not claim this creative and memorable domain name today?

SimulateScience ($249.00)
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A single word .science describing one of the most important parts of scientific research and education! As well as a great website it works well in domain phrases like through subdomains. It has already been registered for more than 5 years! Check the price for similar domain names on various markets. This is a rare opportunity to get a superb descriptive domain name. It has already been registered until July 24, 2023, so many years before renewal fees. ($448)
Purchase (or make offer) through third party marketplace.[I]
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This memorable combination of two common words wold be ideal for a podcasting or talk radio network. If the topic is space related, then the connection is even stronger, but the word orbit implies upward mobility and global presence applicable to any type of audio program. We look forward to seeing how you will use this domain name. We have a reasonable buy it now price and are also open to offers.

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