Domain Names for Makerspaces

Makerspaces are transforming our communities, leaving a huge positive impact on young and old! Why not pick up a domain name for supporting these vibrant communities?

crafty craft heart on woven fabric ($101)
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What an ideal domain name for a small crafter or craft supplies company! Why not make this short, memorable name yours today? Using the .gdn (global domain name) extension, this domain name sets no limits on the scale of your aspirations. Already registered until Jan 31 2019, and the domain name renews at inexpensive .gdn rates. Automated third party estimates of worth for the domain name are $490 (Estibot) and $782 (GoValue) - check if values have changed if the information is important to your purchase decision.

electronics TOOLS ($488)
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This memorable generic high value single word domain name would be powerful for marketing of tools to the huge global electronics industry. From precision screwdrivers to soldering irons, from digital multimeters to oscilloscopes, tools are critical to success as an electronics professional. Both of the major automated estimates of worth for the domain name are above $2000 (Estibot $2100, GoDaddy GoValue $2980). The domain name is registered until Nov 7, 2019 (that time transfers with the domain name to the new owner). Note that transfer to a new registrar can only take place starting Jan 7, 2019 (name is currently registered at Domain Cost Club). The exact name ‘electronics’ has sold in several domain extensions including $1103 in the .me extension. Domain names with ‘electronics’ as part of the domain name have sold 108 times with an average price of $2158 (NameBio data). A Google search on ‘electronics tools’ yields about 1.9 billion search results. Why not put this domain name into use for your electronics business, consultancy, reference site, or training program?

Innovation ($98)
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*** Great domain name phrase already registered until 2023! *** This domain name is ideally suited to use in a domain name phrase such as or or It also works as the main website name for an organization devoted to promoting innovation. The domain name is registered until June 28, 2023 so there wil be no renewal costs for a long time! Especially considering the registration period, the domain name is offered at a very reasonable price. GoDaddy GoValue automated of estimate of worth of this domain is $406.

patterns ICU mosaic tiles ($138)
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Whether it is quilt or craft patterns, or patterns in big data, this domain name is short and memorable. It couples really well with the brand new .icu (I see you). Automated worth estimate for this specific domain name vary from GoDaddy GoValue $479 to Estibot $660 - if this information is important to your purchase decision you should check for possible changes. The domain name is already registered until June 7, 2020, and it renews at standard .icu rates.

Print It space block house symbol (*** $38 ***)
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This is a short, memorable domain name that would be perfect for a business that operated in either conventional or 3D printing. It could even be used in the specialized sense of 3D printing of structures, an emerging technology. The domain name is registered until May 9, 2019, and renews at the very reasonable standard .space TLD rates. Estibot value this domain name at $990 and the GoDaddy GoValue at $980. This word (PrintIt) sold in the .com extension for $5600.

Robo Tools ($388)
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Short memorable domain name ideally suited for any kind of robotic tools reference or services site. The automated estimates of worth vary from $490 to $1600 for this domain name. The word ‘robo’ has sold as part of a domain name 523 times with average price of $1741. The exact word ‘robo’ has sold at least 5 times since 2016: e.g. in .io for $12,500, in .to at $4023, in .ly for $600, and in .top for $754.

spaces gdn letters ($128)
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This short, memorable single word domain offered in the global domain name (gdn) extension is versatile. The name could be used for interior design, architecture, real estate, vacation accommodation, support networks, etc. The domain name is offered well below Estibot ($3200) and GoValue ($1116) worth estimates (check for any changes if this information is important to your purchase decision). The domain name is registered until Feb 22, 2019, and renews at standard .gdn rates.

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