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authors.win ($288)
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A speakable, descriptive domain phrase which can be used in a variety of ways to promote either awards to the authors your publish, publishing contests, or how your services enhance the authorship experience. Can be preceded with various words of your choice to make it into a domain phrase, e.g. our.authors.win. This domain is already registered until June 29, 2022, so the price is incredibly reasonable considering that (and below the GoValue estimated worth of $479 and Estibot $250). The word authors as part of a domain name has sold 26 times with an average price of $807.

envision.one ($788)
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Say this domain name aloud and it’s solid, positive and memorable nature is obvious. Whether you are in design, engineering, prototyping, 3D printing, visualization, event planning or many other areas this name could work perfectly. The .one extension renews at very reasonable rates, so your long term costs are reasonable. We have an attractive buy it now price, and an optional payment plan is available. Why not get this before it is gone to someone else?

KidSilly.com ($448)
Purchase (or make offer) through third party marketplace [I]
Make an offer directly to us.
This would be an ideal name for a reference site with silly rhymes, songs, etc. that kids love, or a companion site for a performance group, book, blog, etc. It is lively and fun and easily remembered as a domain name. Domain names including the word kid have sold 1188 times with an average price of $1416, while those containing the word silly have sold 23 times with an average price of $956 (NameBio data). Some possible comparator sales are FunSilly ($2700), SillyMe ($1806), SillyTime ($393), DiscoverKids ($10,350), SmartKids ($7000), Kidsville ($5100), KidsPlanet ($4000), AllThingsKids ($4988), KidsTime ($3800), TrueKids ($3588), MadKids ($3500) and KidsAway ($2500). We are offering this domain name at a great buy it now price. The domain name is registered until June 25, 2020 at NameSilo (that period transfers with the domain name to the new owner).

phrases.online ($388)
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Make an offer directly to us.
This short, memorable, descriptive single word domain name would work effectively for a business in the online branding and marketing fields. It also works for various types of reference sites, or a myriad of other uses such as for an an editor, blogger or author site. The .online extension from Radix is one of the most registered of the new domain extensions with more than a million registrations, and also has significant use in meaningful websites. With more than 600 million results, ‘phrases’ is clearly an important term. The domain name ‘phrases’ in the .net extension sold for $7700. The domain name comes with a long current registration, until Apr 3, 2021, and after that renews at standard .online rates.

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