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We only occasionally price any of our domains above $1000. The names, if any currently, here represent high value names normally with an extended registration period. All prices are in USD.

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This short memorable .com domain name perfectly spans enterprises from lending to currency exchange, from cryptocurrencies to quantum dots. Two common four letter words are easy to remember, yet the totality of the domain name has a modern forward looking feel. Domain names (.com extension) ending in ‘cash’ have sold 283 times with an average price of $2348, while names starting with ‘dot’ have sold 205 times with $2961 average price (NameBio data). Some recent sales include Onecash ($35,000, 2016), ViaCash ($15,000, 2019), YouCash ($19,000, 2015), VirtualCash ($8400, 2019), SpeedCash ($7827, 2018), AdvanceCash ($7500, 2017), DotData ($29,888, 2018), DotOn ($5572, 2017), DotHub ($4950, 2018) and DotFund ($3988, 2018) among many others. The term ‘dots cash’ (without quotes) yields over 48 million Google search results. In terms of automated domain worth estimates of, NameWorth suggests a value of $5450 while GoDaddy GoValue suggests $1440. The domain name expires April 11, 2020 (that period transfers with the domain name). It is currently registered at Dynadot, and only a push to the new owner’s account at Dynadot is possible until June 10, 2019.

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Prices are listed in USD and are for the domain name only. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to assess if the domain name is a good match for their needs. While we don’t deliberately offer domain names with known trademark issues, as with any domain name purchase, the potential buyer is responsible for satisfying themselves that there are no issues. The automated GoDaddy GoValue estimate of worth tends to change over time, often from day to day and sometimes substantially. If the information is important to the potential purchaser they should check for the most current rate (this can be done without cost at ). If you are wondering about renewal costs for any particular domain extension, provides this information in an up to date fashion for all of the major registrars. We feel that we offer the most aggressive buy-it-now prices in the domain aftermarket industry, but feel free to make an offer below our stated price. See the FAQs page for more detail on sale and transfers of domain names. Questions? Send us an email.