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Computes TOP blue mind cogs icon (***$28***)
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This short, memorable and descriptive domain name could be used as the main domain name or for a specific domain phrase marketing campaign for big data, investment, social trends, economic or other analysts. The .top extension is first in the new extensions both in high value and overall sales. It has been near or at the top in turns of new extension registrations as well. Automated estimates for the worth of this specific domain name are $780 (Estibot) and $230 (GoDaddy GoValue) - check for possible changes if this information is critical to your purchase decision. The name is registered until July 31 2019 and it renews at standard .top rates. We have reduced price with impending renewal, so why not get a deal today.

esport ICU electronic gaming (***$28***)
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The growth in electronic sports is phenomenal, both among participants and viewers. Business Insider predicts that brand spending on e-sports will reach about a billion dollars this year and is growing at 22% per year. The most recent League of Legends Championships were watched by more than 80 million unique viewers. The name e-sport is congruent with the .icu (I See You) extension for a site that provides viewing opportunities, the latest news, etc. on e-sports. The domain name is already registered until Sept 30, 2019, and renews at standard .icu rates. The domain name e-sport has sold in a number of extensions - e.g. for $2259 in .eu and $3405 in the .com extension. The plural of this domain ( sold for $128. (***Click Link for Discounted Price***)
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An opportunity to pick up a widely used three letter acronym for less than $100! PHA has dozens of meanings in several different scientific, technological and health fields, among other use. Among the more common ones are potentially hazardous asteroids (the field that looks at asteroids that pass near to the Earth's orbit), pulse height analyzer (a term particularly important in high energy physics), process hazard analysis and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (chemicals released in forest fires and fuels, and that play an important role in biochemistry). The domain name is being offered well below automated third party worth estimates (Estibot $650; GoValue $610). The domain name is currently registered until Aug 20 2019, and renews at standard .science rates. Why not get this versatile short scientific acronym today and put it to good use? (***$28***)
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The more we think about the word twists, the more areas of potential application we come up with. Twists can mean hair twists, plot twists in books or movies, online game twists, architecture (like the twisted skyscrapers), yoga poses, sports (e.g. in free style skiing, figure skating or gymnastics), biological (e.g. twisted helix structure of DNA), engineering, workouts, geography, material science, etc. It is not surprising that the word twists yields over 640 million search results. This has to be one of the most versatile domain names ever with hundreds or thousands of potential app uses! We offer this at a very reasonable price so that it is within your budget even if you are an individual just starting out in app development. The .app is a secure domain space sponsored by Google, and has been a big success in its first year with almost 350,000 registrations to date (in top 15 of all 700+ new extensions). It is still early days for the extension, but there have already been 12 aftermarket sales in .app (NameBio data) with an average sales price of $4282 (median about $1375). The domain name is already registered until Nov 24, 2019 (that transfers with the domain name to the new owner), and the domain renews at standard .app extension rates.

USMCA site globb ($228) (***$18***)
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The United States - Mexico - Canada Agreement for free trade was signed in the fall of 2018, replacing NAFTA. This acronym domain name would be ideal for a reference or company website dealing with international trade issues. Site is in the top 10 most popular of the new domain extensions, both in registrations and actual website use. The domain name is currently registered until Oct 1, 2019 (that transfers to the new owner) and renews at standard .site rates. We have a partially developed reference website at the domain name. Contact us there if you want to discuss obtaining that content, or you can instantly purchase the domain name here and adapt it to your own use. (***$18***)
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This short memorable domain name can be flexibly used in many different ways. As part of the expression vice versa, the term could be used for a reference site related to alternative viewpoints. Alternatively, the name is ideally suited for use by a business that deals with verses, either in printed form or lyrics. The term is also used as a person's name and also is used with the same spelling in a number of languages other than English. There are more than 200 million Google search results for the word. The Estibot worth estimate is about $500. The name ‘versa’ sold for $9100 in the .net extension and $1100 in .mobi. The domain name is currently registered until Oct. 21, 2019 (that transfers to the new owner with the domain name) and after that renews at standard .site prices. The .site extension is among the 10 most popular of the new domain extensions. The term ‘versa’ generates more than 180 million Google search results, showing the many possible uses of this domain name.

voilaFUN (***Click Link for Discounted Price***)
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This powerful short single word domain name works perfectly for an innovative marketing campaign. Whether promoting entertainment, sports, travel, amusement parks, family experiences, science centres, sporting equipment, camping or even literally magician shows, the domain name phrase will be instantly interpreted by the audience, and will evoke the idea of waving a magic wand and fun results. Positive psychology research has clearly established the importance of being happy as a prerequisite for being more confident, productive and creative. This domain name renews at standard fun rates, so following initial purchase The new owner retains all the rights on the domain name indefinitely as long as the standard annual renewal fees (about $25 per year)are paid to the registrar. The domain name is currently registered until July 29, 2019 and after that renews at standard .fun rates. As with any domain name, it's true value is how much it is worth to the potential purchaser. Automated expressions of worth for this domain name are $570 (Estibot) and $1540 (GoDaddy GoValue) - users should check for possible changes should this information be important to them. The word 'voila' has sold as part of domain names 6 times, with an average price of $1741. This has included sales outside the com/net/org world, including a sale in the .tv extension for $1200.

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