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For $48 you can find a great domain name for your club, book, blog, reference site, or even a small business. Pricing is the same for all purchase options in this section.

enviro PW green leaves ($48)
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The widely used environmental abbreviation enviro coupled with the .pw (professional web) extension is perfect for an environmental consultant, researcher, professional organization, firm, etc. We offer the domain at a buy it now price that is just a fraction of the $650 GoDaddy GoValue estimate of its worth. The same name in another extension (.co) sold summer 2018 for $270. Longer domain names including ‘enviro’ have sold 163 times with an average price of $1155 (NameBio data). The domain is already registered until Apr 19, 2019 (that period transfers to new owner with the domain). There are more than 20 million Google search results for word ‘enviro'. Why not brand yourself with this short, memorable domain name.

Meteor Party night sky meteor ($38)
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A meteor party is a type of star party where people gather to watch meteors, usually a meteor shower such as the Perseids in August or the Geminid shower in December. This domain name is already registered until July 21, 2019 (that period transfers with the domain name) and it renews at standard .party rates. When you purchase a domain name it is yours for as long as you renew it each year, so why not become the perpetual owner of Both the Estibot ($510) and GoValue ($660) estimates of worth of this domain name are much higher than our asking price. Domain names including the word meteor have sold at least 20 times with an average price of more than $2400 per sale.

We Can SPACE (*** $48 ***)
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This short, positive, memorable domain name phrase can be applied in various potential ways. For example, it could be used as a call to action for positive change. Alternatively, if you run a small business or consultancy this is a positive way to confidently promote your abilities. It could, if desired, be used literally either as space as in interior design or the space industry. It would also be a great name for an innovation incubator organization. Automated estimates of worth for this domain name are $240 (Estibot) and $1920 (GoDaddy GoValue) . The domain name is registered until May 24, 2019 (that transfers with the domain name to the new owner), and renews at standard .space rates. This exact term has sold in multiple extensions, e.g. for $99, at $3721 and for $2088. The .space extension has not yet sold many times in the domain marketplaces, but a few of the more significant ones are $17,500, $15,000, $1000 and $700. Even when using quotations for only the exact phrase “we can” Google yields more than 1.7 billion search results.

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Prices are listed in USD and are for the domain name only. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to assess if the domain name is a good match for their needs. While we don’t deliberately offer domain names with known trademark issues, as with any domain name purchase, the potential buyer is responsible for satisfying themselves that there are no issues. The automated GoDaddy GoValue estimate of worth tends to change over time, often from day to day and sometimes substantially. If the information is important to the potential purchaser they should check for the most current rate (this can be done without cost at ). If you are wondering about renewal costs for any particular domain extension, provides this information in an up to date fashion for all of the major registrars. We feel that we offer the most aggressive buy-it-now prices in the domain aftermarket industry, but feel free to make an offer below our stated price. See the FAQs page for more detail on sale and transfers of domain names. Questions? Send us an email.