Domain Name Phrases

Not sure you want to purchase and host a new domain name, but want to use a catchy expression in marketing or promotion? We can rent you an expression so that when someone clicks that expression in a web browser they are directed to any existing web page you designate.

How Long Are Rental Periods?

We offer expression rentals for periods from three months to three years according to your needs. The specific options are 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years and 3 years.

How Does It Work?

After you decide on the expression, rental period and site or page where you want the expression to lead, we set up the link and test it. That's it! You don't need to do anything at all with the hosting of your website. You have zero new investment in web services - just our low rental fee.

What Are Some Examples?

If you want to advertise how innovative your scientists and engineers are you might rent, or if hosting a competition for youth innovation maybe If you run a self-publishing site for authors, and want to promote the advantages that self-publishing offer. then the expression is a good choice. Our maybe you are an organization that promotes diversity and want to promote your organization you might rent If your business offers scientific equipment or services, you might rent where Acme is replaced by the name of your company. If you ware a private school named Xwes, you might try If you offer recreational opportunities then the phrase might be perfect. Curling is a great sport, with lots of healthy living advantages whether you are a novice or a pro. Why not have a campaign with the domain phrase We have set up samples for the three phrases that our hyperlinks in this paragraph, so try entering them in your browser or click on them here to see how it works. Head over to our list of available expressions to see all of our expressions and determine if they fit your campaign needs.

Do I Need A Website?

We need to direct it to an URL of a web location - that might be your own hosted website but it could also be a page on a Facebook account or similar online page.

Does the User See the Expression URL or Our Website URL?

We can set it up either way according to your preference. Normally we find it works best if the user sees your campaign expression, and that is how we implemented the examples given below.

Can I Rent Any Expression?

No we only have certain expressions available, mainly in topics related to science, technology, careers and business. If the service is popular, we anticipate expanding our holdings in the future.

Can I Add More Than One Word To Expression?

At the current time we are limited to one custom word. For example, we own and you could make it into or but not Of course you could work around it with or if you wanted.

Can You Help Us Find An Available Expression?

Yes! Simply tell us about your campaign/organization and we will suggest some possibilities.

How Much Does It Cost?

Full pricing information can be found here. The plans start at $19 for three months. Note that there are two streams, standard and exclusive. With exclusive you are the only person using any part of that domain period during the rental period, and therefore the cost is higher.

What Is The Difference Between Standard and Exclusive?

A standard rental means that you add a custom word to a two word domain, e.g. with zzz the name of your organization or another word you select. While we will not simultaneously rent to a competitor, we may rent where yyy is a different organization. For example, we might rent to a software design company and a lab products design company, but would not rent to two different lab supply companies. An exclusive rental means that you will be the only one, during the rental period plus 2 months, with access to the expression. We include up to two links with the exclusive rental. For example, if you rented you could also designate and as well as simply

Can I Make Sure It Works?

Yes! After we will set it up and inform you that it is operational, you can test it and inform us of any concerns. If you do not inform us during this period that you wish to decline, we will invoice you for the cost of the rental 7 days after we inform you that it was first operational. If you tell us you don’t want it before then we will not invoice you and you will be under no obligation. The normal invoice terms are net 30 days. We invoice by PayPal, and it can be paid using PayPal or major credit cards. If you need another payment method let us know. We do not accept personal cheques.

Will Someone Else Be Able To Rent A Similar Expression?

During the course of your rental, and for 60 days after expiry of your rental, we will not rent a similar expression to an organization that could be considered your competitor. For example, if you are a scientific equipment firm we will not rent another scientific equipment firm the same expression except for the name of the company. However, we might rent similar expressions to two organizations that do not compete - e.g. a science supply company and an institute that provide research grants might both have the portion

Acceptable Use

We only rent expressions that direct to pages which meet our Ethical Domains standards. This excludes direction to any page that we deem discriminatory, misleading, exploitive, or in poor taste. We do not link to sites that sell tobacco, alcohol, adult products or adult services/entertainment. If you significantly change the content at your designated URL so that it conflicts with our acceptable use we may end our rental agreement.

Can I Change Link During My Campaign?

We do understand that you might want to change the linked page now and then, and we will arrange for this as long as the number of requests are reasonable. In the email confirming that your link is active we will indicate how to request this.

Do You Place Ads On My Pages?

No. We set a link to the page you designate. The content on that page remains totally in your control. To the user it just looks like clicking the expression takes them to your page, and you continue to have full control over the contents of your page. We know the URL but have no other involvement with your web content.

Can I See One Working?

Sure. For any of the following expressions type the expression as the URL in any browser (or if you prefer just click on the link below. It will take you to a page on our site set up for that expression. If you rent (or purchase) an expression it will go to the page you designate.

What If We Want A Permanent Link?

In that case we would suggest that you purchase the domain name and have it registered and hosted in your own name. If you are the only person renting the domain, we are open to selling any of our rentable domain expressions. If someone else has arranged to rent the expression, clearly we are not able to sell it. Those domain names currently listed for sale are shown on our for sale list, as well as beside the listing here. Note that if you purchase the domain name you will control the pointing of the associated domain names. The process can be easy, though, and with the sale we will provide a written guide on how to implement the pointing. UPDATE: we offer any user who signs up for a 2 year or longer Exclusive Rental that at the end of the rental you will be guaranteed the option to purchase the domain name at the end of your rental period if you want to make it yours forever. The price will be the same price we are offering the expression for sale at the time you started your rental.

Can I Reserve An Expression?

We accept reservations for up to 30 days in the future. Your link will not be active until your requested date, and you will not be invoiced until 7 days after it first becomes active . If within the week when it is first active you inform us you do not want the link we will take it down and you will not be invoiced and have no financial obligation.

How Soon Can It Be Operational?

We normally have a link operational within 7 days after you complete the order form.

What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

You don't pay until after your link is active and you have approved it. Normally we invoice using PayPal and you can pay through their secure system using PayPal, debit or major credit cards. We may be able to offer other payment choices to approved companies.

Do You Pay For The Entire Rental Agreeement?

Yes, but not until you have approved the link. You are invoiced 7 days after the approved link is active, with net terms for payment within 30 days of that date. If you are making a multi-year agreement you will be charged the entire amount.

I Want To Extend My Campaign. Is That Possible?

Yes. Inform us that you want to renew and as long as we have not committed to another client for that name you can retain the expression. We offer a 10% discount on renewed expressions. Alternatively, if it is available, you may want to consider purchasing it and controlling it directly.

Are Other Domain Name Phrase Services Offered?

Yes. The primary company is Names.of.London. They have a great set of generic two word domain expressions, things like and then you add a first word such as They have a fantastic array of names, an easy to use search feature, and once you start a rental with them the price will be locked in at that price. Check them out here. Note that we have an affiliate relationship with them (but the price you pay is the same whether you go to their site from our link or directly). Thanks for checking them out!

More Questions?

If you have questions not answered here, just send us an email. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

I Am Ready! How Do I Request One?

Great!! Just fill out this form. We will set up your expression, and by email inform you that it is active. You have 7 days from that date to decline the link without obligation.