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Add your own single word in front of one of these phrases (or use as is) to make your own domain name phrase.

Note: Effective April 27, 2018 we are no longer renting domain name phrases, rather we are offering phrases for purchase only. This gives you complete control over the domain name and its future use. With each domain name purchase for phrase use we offer individual help (included in purchase price) to get your domain phrase link working correctly. Existing contracted customers are not affected by this change.

Want to promote benefits to authors of your publishing platform? Or possibly highlight literary awards won by authors you publish? Or it would work well for promotion of a writing contest. This domain name expression is currently registered until June 29, 2022 so you will not have renewal costs for many years.
Purchase at $98.00 USD.

curlers win curling stones
A good name for promoting the wonderful sport of curling. It works especially well with subdomains, where it could support one or more domain expressions such as all.curlers.win or young.curlers.win. The domain name is registered until Aug. 24, 2018, and renews at standard .win TLD rates. Get this domain name now at a reasonable price, and use it effectively in a domain phrase! Hurry hard!
Purchase at $8 USD!.

Students Diversity
The persistent lack of diversity in many areas of science and technology continues to be a problem. This descriptive domain phrase is ideal for a company or organization that works on this issue. It could be used either as a permanent website domain name, or as part of a campaign domain expression. For example, it could be employed (with appropriate DNS or subdomains) as we.diversify.science or help.diversify.science or many other expressions. We offer this for rent at any of our periods, or if you are the first to contact us it can be purchased outright. If purchasing, this domain phrase has already been renewed until Jan. 15, 2023.
Purchase at $148.00 USD.

This phrase also can be used in multiple ways - e.g. promoting the importance of analysis software, scientific test equipment, scientific publishing platforms, etc. Why not show how your organization enables science with this memorable phrase? If purchasing, this domain name is registered until June 29, 2022 so no renewal cost for many years..
Purchase at $98.00 USD.

golfers win golf
An excellent phrase for promoting golf. Various expressions are possible such as all.golfers.win or young.golfers.win or our.golfers.win. If purchasing it, the domain name is registered until Aug. 21, 2018, Get this domain phrase at a very reasonable price!
Purchase at $8 USD!

This domain phrase can be used by businesses or organizations to stress advantages from their innovation agenda. By adding first words, various domain expressions are possible, for example young.innovators.win or our.innovators.win or Canadian.innovators.win. It is also ideal as a permanent website name for an organization devoted to promoting innovation. The phrase is offered for rent for any of our standard terms, or it is currently available for purchase if you want to control it long term. The domain name is already registered until June 28, 2023!
Purchase at $98.00 USD.

Rediscover Fun Sliding Snow
A great domain expression that could be flexibly used for a number of types of activities including sports, clubs, fitness centres, excursions, attractions, etc. Why not put it to your creative use right away? This expression is also available for sale if you prefer that option. It is currently registered until Aug. 15, 2018. Note that we also own redefine.fun (see above), in case that fits your needs better.
Purchase at $48.00 USD.

technology simple design
___________.simpler.tech A simple, descriptive name to emphasize tech that is simpler to use. While this is a great name for a website, it also can be used as part of a superb domain phrase (e.g. our.simpler.tech or better.simpler.tech or precede with the name of your company). It also could be used in educational/training settings, such as design.simpler.tech. This is an excellent domain name offered for sale at a reasonable price. It is currently registered until Aug. 19, 2018.
Purchase at $48.00 USD.

Simulate Science globe
A single word .science describing one of the most important parts of scientific research and education! As well as a great website www.simulate.science it works well in domain phrases like we.simulate.science through subdomains. It is available for either rental or purchase at the current time. If purchasing, it has already been registered for almost 6 years! This is a rare opportunity to get a superb descriptive domain name. It has already been registered until July 24, 2023, so many years without renewal fees.
Purchase at $168.00 USD.

You add your own custom word in front of one of these phrases. You can return to the detailed description of domain name expressions here.

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