Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How does the transfer work? The domains (unless otherwise indicated) are currently registered in our name at We are selling them through the NameCheap Marketplace program. You simply click on the link on the For Sale page which should take you to the listing for that domain on the Marketplace at NameCheap. You can add it to a cart (with any other domains you might want to purchase). If you already have an account with them, you can simply confirm the purchase to complete. Otherwise, you can set up a free account before you log out. They accept PayPal and major credit card and some other forms of payment. The payment and transfer is handled by Namecheap, one of the world's largest domain companies, not us, and their secure system is used for transactions. You can purchase and own your new domain name all in just a few minutes.
  2. Are alternative TLDs as valid as .com? Early on there were just a few top level domains (TLDs:) .com, .net. .org, .edu plus those for specific countries. Before long the best names had been taken, and a few years ago a decision was made to make many other TLDs available. In terms of uniquely pointing to a website, these are every bit as valid as the popular early TLDs. While the majority of actively used domain names are .com, and there is no doubt about their value, the new ones offer a chance for a name that is more representative of what your organization does. That being said, surveys show that the general public have limited knowledge of new domain names and have some concerns about whether alternative domains are more susceptible to spam, phishing or other practices. I expect that gradually that will change as more websites utilize a new domain name.
  3. How popular are new gTLDs? About 27 million new global top level domains (new gTLDs) have been registered at the current time. You can get statistics on how popular the different top level domains are here.
  4. Do all domains renew for the same amount? No, each registrar sets the rate for both initial sales and renewal of domain names. Sites like list the renewal rate for each TLD when you do a search.
  5. Do you purchase or rent a domain name? Well the common terminology is that you buy domain names, but in one sense really you are renting the rights to use the name for a set period of time (a year usually). The period we have a domain registered is clearly marked in the Marketplace listing. The owner of a domain is entitled to renew it as long as that is done before it expires.
  6. Does owning a name give you the right on that as a trademark term? No, trademark is a totally separate process. You must not infringe on the registered names and trademarks of others.
  7. I never understood about whether www is part of domain name. The domain name you purchase does not have www. Normally it is set up so that the name either with or without the leading www will take you to the website. For example, you can click on or and both reach our site.
  8. Are you associated with Namecheap? No - except we are a customer (most of our domains are registered through them) and we use their Marketplace program when we want to resell domain names. We also are members of their affiliate program. We also use their web hosting service.
  9. What web hosting service do you recommend? We use both Namecheap and HostPapa, and have been pleased with both of them. We don't recommend that you use two different web hosting services - there are historical reasons why we use more than one (although it does allow us to compare service).
  10. Do I need to host with Namecheap? No, not at all. Even if the domain name is registered with them, it can be pointed to whatever host you like to use. If you don't already have a hosting service, you might find it more convenient to host with them, but you certainly don't need to.
  11. Can I resell the domain name if I change my mind? Yes. You can either sell it privately, on a domain buy/sell site, or directly on Namecheap Marketplace. We prefer the latter as they handle all of the transaction details of payment and transfer of the domain name. If you do sell it on their Marketplace you must charge at least $5.00USD for the domain, but no more than $1000.00USD. Namecheap keep 10% of the price that the domain sells at as commission. There are no other charges.
  12. How long is the domain name currently registered? This information is shown on the record at the Marketplace link.
  13. Does the time registered go with the domain? Yes, normally. So if you see a domain with 4 years remaining that is the time you will have before needing to renew. The reason some of our domains have higher prices is because we have them registered for many years.
  14. What domain areas do you mainly deal in? Travel (especially Canadian east and west coasts), space, education, science, physics, astronomy, technology, science outreach, investing, sports, acronyms, app development, writing, and environmental design. We don't try to be a general purpose domain name shop, but rather look out for good domains at reasonable purchase and renew costs.
  15. I don't find what I want here. Where else can I look? We have links to the main sites useful to those buying and selling domain names on the sidebar on our home page.
  16. It sounds like too much hassle to create a website. Is there another choice? If you already have a page or site, and don't want the hassle of registering a new domain name, but do want to market using a simple phrase, you might consider our Rent an Expression (RaE) service. For a set time period you "rent" an expression, and we handle directing that expression to your existing page or site.
  17. Do you make money from advertising and affiliate links? Yes (well a little!). The ads you see here are from Google Adsense, and we also are registered in the HostPapa and Namecheap affiliate program.
  18. So who are you? This site is run from a home based, part-time operation located in Victoria, BC, Canada. My graduate degrees and experience is in science research, teaching, and science outreach, so I mainly handle domains applicable to that. I have owned domain names and hosted websites for a decade and a half, and ran a small photographic products service as well as travel websites. I am not a web developer professionally, but created and maintain this website. We only began to resell domain names in 2017. To protect our privacy we don't post our telephone number, but if you send us a query using the contact form we are happy to provide you with our telephone number, or to telephone you if you prefer.
  19. Why did you choose this name? We believe in the value of the new gTLDs, so wanted to model that by using one of the new gTLDs for our own website. We strongly believe that the first step should be to consider what your goals are, and how you will evaluate a 'win' in meeting those goals. You can read more about our choice of name here.
  20. Tell us about this website. Our website is hosted on using their shared hosting plan. If you register your domains through them, it is particularly simple when your website is also hosted there. We also host websites on, which we have found reliable and easy to use. use alternative energy for their servers, which is a nice feature. We developed this website ourselves, using the RapidWeaver software. If you use a Mac, we highly recommend their product, which in our opinion offers a nice compromise between power and simplicity.
  21. What is your privacy policy? We will never use your email address for any purpose other than to respond to your queries or provide information on products that you have purchased or rented from us. We will never share your contact information with any third party.
  22. Can you briefly describe how the domain name and website process works? You first need to purchase rights to the domain name, (and thus have that name registered in your name), select a web hosting service where your actual web documents reside, and set the DNS records to point to your website. If you do not already have web host service, we find the shared hosting services at Namecheap work well for us (this site is being hosted there), and they make the process really easy. They have very attractive first year rates, and competitive ones for renewals after that. We also like, and use that for hosting some of our other sites. An excellent explanation of the process for domain purchase, DNS listings, and web hosting is given by Christopher Heng at

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