You could say that our philosophy of domain names is captured by the above quotation: while a domain name is in many ways simply your address on the Internet, choosing the right one can be an important step towards your personal, business or organizational success.

So what makes this site a little different?

  • While sometimes I use “we” when I write, and I do consult with a few others, essentially this is a one person site. While that can sometimes be restrictive, it can also result in a more flexible and personal interaction, listening carefully to your goals.
  • While this is a one person site, I am certainly not isolated in the world of domains. By far the biggest forum for domain investors is NamePros. I have VIP and Gold Account status, am active most days, and have posted thousands of times. I write a weekly NamePros Blog post for them. If I don’t know an answer, odds are I can find out the answer within minutes or hours. I am also very active on Twitter in discussing domain names, with more than two thousand followers.
  • I use evidence and analysis in everything I do. You will see that in my writing about domains. I won’t overwhelm you with statistics, but when you ask for advice, I will always base that on what the evidence says.
  • I try to always be objective and look at all sides in a balanced way. A lifetime in scientific research, including activities in reviewing and adjudication, has taught me the value of fairly presenting all points pro and con. I understand that some prefer a role advocating the approach they prefer, but that is not me. This means don’t expect simple answers from me.
  • I want to change how the world views domain names. That is a grand statement, but what I mean is that I see more use for domain names than a single domain name for a business. I think in the years ahead we will increasingly see domain name phrases being used in marketing campaigns.
  • I think one of the best ways to become expert in any topic is to write about it or teach it. I write about domains on several venues including my own blog A Great Name, NameTalent,, and the NamePros Blog. A small fraction of the pieces I have written are on the first page of this site.
  • Everyone is welcome here. Whether you are a high school student starting up a tiny part-time business, a well established company, a non-profit with big dreams but tiny resources, or someone wanting to speak to the world as a blogger, I am happy to serve you.
  • I keep attuned to the world of domains. I read extensively, interact in forums and on social media, follow the domain news and in other ways stay up to date. I hope you will never find me sharing views or information that is no longer current.
  • I like bargains and I like sharing great value with you. Because I am a retired person doing this essentially as a retirement passion, I don’t have the financial pressures of running a big company. As a result I search hard for bargains, and like to share those savings with you.
  • Don’t be afraid of honestly telling me what your maximum budget is, and I am open to working to find a solution in your budget range. Naturally the budget set will eliminate certain types of domains, but there is a domain for almost every budget.
  • I believe in the power of stories. As important as data analysis is, as humans we first react to personal stories. Essentially a brand is about telling your authentic story to your audience in a way they will understand and relate to. Along with that, I would love to hear your story, and that will help me better serve you.
  • I value creativity and want to find an innovative and effective solution to your situation. I like to think outside the box, from what was always done to what might work better.
  • I will never tell you what to do. I believe in empowering individuals with the information so that they can make their own best decisions. My educational experience showed me the value of this approach.
  • While I am open to do direct sales if you prefer. I think normally it is better to have a third party handle the payment and transfer of the domain name. Almost all my past sales were handled this way. You pay a marketplace, they hold your funds while they obtain the domain name from me, transfer it to your name, and only when that is complete they release the funds, minus commission, to me.
  • I concentrate on certain niches (see the catalog sections) rather than try to offer service for every domain name need. I bring extensive education and professional experience in many of these areas including science, space, education, photography, technology, and environment. I think this experience can be an advantage as it helps to work with a domain investor who was also a professional in your area and will understand the nuances similar domain names.
  • I believe in support before, during and after a domain sale. By that I mean I am happy, without obligation or payment, to interact with you as you consider domain name options. If you do decide to acquire one of our names, if needed, I will assist with any questions related to transfer or setup. Then after, I would love to help in a tiny way to tell your story by mentioning your site once it is operational on my personal blog or Twitter account.
  • I will be respectful and professional always. I will treat you as I would want to be treated. It’s the way the world should be. I simply ask for politeness and courtesy in return.
If you would like to learn more about me, I was interviewed by DomainSmoke and also on the KickstartCommerce Podcast.

Want to get in touch? Here is how! Note that I have a hearing handicap (I don’t hear mid and high frequencies) so I prefer to interact via email or instant message, but if you would rather have a phone call just let me know and I will get in touch.

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This page last updated Jan 8, 2021.