Domain Name Phrases

Not sure you want to develop a new website, but want to use a catchy domain expression in marketing or promotion? Perhaps a clickable domain name phrase (or expression) that links to existing web presence is a good solution. It is very easy to set up using either domain direction or subdomains.

Note: Effective April 27, 2018 we are no longer renting domain name phrases, rather we are offering phrases for purchase only. This gives you complete control over the domain name and its future use. With each domain name purchase for phrase use we offer individual help (included in purchase price) to get your domain phrase link working correctly. Existing contracted customers are not affected by this change.

How Does It Work?

After you decide on the domain expression you wish to purchase, and site or page where you want the expression to lead, it is simply a few minutes to set up the redirection where the domain name is hosted. You have zero new investment in web services - your new expression will send users to your existing site (which can be a full website, a specific page of a website, a Facebook page or even a Twitter account).

What Are Some Examples?

If you want to advertise how innovative your scientists and engineers are you might rent, or if hosting a competition for youth innovation maybe If you run a self-publishing site for authors, and want to promote the advantages that self-publishing offer. then the expression is a good choice. Our maybe you are an organization that promotes diversity and want to promote your organization you might rent If your business offers scientific equipment or services, you might rent where Acme is replaced by the name of your company. If you ware a private school named Xwes, you might try Curling is a great sport, with lots of healthy living advantages whether you are a novice or a pro. Why not have a campaign with the domain phrase We have set up samples for the three phrases that our hyperlinks in this paragraph, so try entering them in your browser or click on them here to see how it works. Head over to our list of available expressions to see all of our expressions and determine if they fit your campaign needs.

Does the User See the Expression URL or Our Website URL?

We can set it up either way according to your preference. Normally we find it works best if the user sees your campaign expression, and that is how we implemented the examples given below. This is called a masked redirection.

Can I Add More Than One Word To Expression?

At the current time we are limited to one custom word. For example, we own and you could make it into or but not Of course you could work around it with or if you wanted.

Can You Help Us Find An Available Expression?

Yes! Simply tell us about your campaign/organization and we will suggest some possibilities.

How Much Does It Cost?

The price to purchase a domain name for a phrase will depend on the name. Some domain names have cost more to secure and renew, and also we have already registered some for years in advance and that influences the prices.

Can I Make Sure It Works?

Yes! If you like send us an email to request that we set up a sample link. After we have done so you can test it before you decide to purchase the domain name from us.

Will Someone Else Be Able To Use The Same Expression?

You will in every way be the owner of the domain name after purchase, and have complete control over how it is used. If in the future you wish to sell the phrase, it can be sold just like any other domain name.

Can I See One Working?

Sure. For any of the following expressions type the expression as the URL in any browser (or if you prefer just click on the link below. It will take you to a page on our site set up for that expression. If you rent (or purchase) an expression it will go to the page you designate.

How Soon Can It Be Operational?

If you purchase the domain name through the Namecheap Marketplace link (the recommended route), you will own the domain name normally within hours of purchase. They handle the transfer of the domain name to you after purchase. If you don’t already have a Namecheap account you will need to make one but that is free and fast. After you own the domain name, you can follow our directions to set up the link. The way domain name servers work it may take a number of hours, or even a day or so, until the updated information has fully propagated over the Internet. At that time your new domain name phrase should be fully operational.

Are Other Domain Name Phrase Services Offered?

Yes. The primary company is Names.of.London. They have a great set of generic two word domain expressions, things like and then you add a first word such as They have a fantastic array of names, an easy to use search feature, and once you start a rental with them the price will be locked in at that price. Check them out here. Note that we have an affiliate relationship with them (but the price you pay is the same whether you go to their site from our link or directly). Thanks for checking them out!

More Questions?

If you have questions not answered here, just send us an email. We will get back to you as soon as possible.