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I am always happy to hear from you, and here are multiple ways to connect with me.
The best is probably by email or
using the contact form.
Since I don’t always monitor the phone (I do have a life :-), just leave a short message if there is no answer, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


I am pretty active on Twitter, so don’t hesitate to contact me through that medium (my handle is @AGreatDomain. If you seem to be posting meaningful domain related content I would be only too happy to follow your account. Don’t hesitate to send me a direct message to say hello after we start following each other. Just so you know, I don’t follow accounts that seem automated or that only seem to exist to promote their specific domain names for sale. It is fine mentioning your portfolio names now and then, but don’t post only that, please!

If you are into domain names, you really should be on
NamePros (a basic membership is free). If you join up, you can see my profile at this link (it is here under my name Bob Hawkes, with my image too, so pretty easy to find :-), either to direct message me or simply see what I have been posting lately. NamePros is a way to learn a bit more about people active in the domain community - see how active they are, what organizations they may represent, what sort of topics they post about, and just what their style of interaction may be.

If you do join NamePros, be sure to say hello! I am on most days (actually many times most days :-).

Do You Want a Free (or Inexpensive) Speaker?

I speak to student or community groups in the Victoria, BC area as a free volunteer service. So if you want a speaker to lead a session, or answer questions, regarding domain names, personal branding, web presence, online security, or related matters just ask. I am happy to do sessions ranging from the very elementary to the moderately technical.

If you are a business or organization from outside the area and would like a speaker just ask. I would be happy to address your group on topics such as the following.
  1. Finding a domain name for your business: factors to consider.
  2. Domain names have three potential roles in a business. Do you need additional domain names?
  3. Why even those on legacy extensions need to understand new domain extensions.
  4. Is a domain name phrase in your marketing future? Maybe it should be!
  5. How do we determine how much a domain name should cost? Or how much it is worth to us?
  6. The mechanics of domain names: registration, purchase, transfer, renewal, legal aspects, DNS, redirection and more.
  7. Domain investors use a variety of domain tools. End users who understand those tools will be in a better position.
  8. How you can have a domain name phrase Twitter marketing campaign operational in an hour. Yes, really!
  9. The right domain name can help you tell your authentic story.
  10. What is a brandable domain name, do you need one, and how can you obtain one?
  11. A nonlegal introduction to UDRP, ICANN and other regulatory and legal aspects of domain names.
  12. I really believe that domain names can be a beautiful thing. Let me try to persuade you to believe that too!
Just get in touch if you want to discuss possibilities. While I don’t charge a speaker’s fee for this, I would require travel expense compensation.

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If you have a
general inquiry please use this form.
If you want to
make an offer, or ask about, one of our domain names, please use this form.

Anything Else

I believe that you should know who you are dealing with and be easily able to contact me in multiple ways. I hope you feel that I have done that! I may in future put up a resume so you will know a bit more about me, but the very short version is I am a retired scientists and educator. I love to do statistical analyses to try to seek answers to interesting questions. I write a lot and try to be clear, fair and balanced in what I say, and well polite too. I like domains but walking on a coast or in the forest is pretty awesome. I hope you find me to be optimistic in outlook and welcoming in approach. I love when someone takes one of my domains and makes it into a meaningful site. I do like to at least break even overall on my domain investments, but my primary goal is to help use domains in new and innovative ways, and to help those just starting out tell their story through the right domain name.

Privacy Policy:

Our privacy policy is pretty simple. I will not share your contact information with anyone else. I will not contact you except to answer your questions to us or for possible occasional notices of specific opportunities that make sense for your organization (if you have agreed to such contact). If you change your mind and do not wish to receive these at any time I will stop (of course :-).